Automate Your Every Day

Wordparrot lets you do more with the apps you use most.

Automate Any Process

Wordparrot offers a secure, private automation server to build your team’s critical infrastructure.

Intuitive Interface

Set up tasks like data migrations, custom notifications, or analytics pipelines with ease.

Integrations Out of the Box

Wordparrot connects to many third-party APIs, and is adding more all of the time.

On Cloud or Self Hosted

Set up a managed instance or spin up a local copy of the application with Docker.

Supports Your Favorite Apps

Integrations for your favorite tools – Google Workspace, Slack, Facebook, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, and more.

Control your customer data in one platform

Connect Wordparrot with spreadsheets, smartphone apps, ERP systems, or websites.
Anywhere you’re running a server, Wordparrot can handle bi-directional data flow.

See how the Golden Horse Awards use Wordparrot to streamline production of online film festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We’ll set up a private server for you containing your automated features. We do all the building for you. When your features are done, we’ll take care of hosting as long as you need them.

What kind of things can you build?

That depends on what you need. For example, we’re great at building any process that involves bridging app data between two endpoints.

If you are constantly downloading and uploading images, datasets, or large files, we can build a solution that takes the headaches out of that process.

How much do I pay?

Your feature depends on the hours required to build them. We’ll invoice you at a reasonable rate. Once done, we’ll charge you a flat fee to host the server from there.

It’s easy to add new functionality, and we’re adding support for new apps all the time. If there’s an app you need service for, and we don’t have the ability to support that yet, we can build support for that app in as little as a week.

Choose the right plan for your team, guaranteed.

Billed monthly, cancel at any time. All our pricing plans come with a 100% money back guarantee.



Always online, 24/7 server instance for your small business.

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Greater CPU and memory for flexible needs.

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